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We’re local…Naturally, and that’s what makes us special.Whether you’re waking up to your first cup of coffee, making your way to the beach with one of our mouth watering signature sandwiches or entertaining guests for the evening, Nauset Farms has everything you’ll need to make your day complete. Stop by, we guarantee you’ll find a delicious treat.


We are currently CLOSED for renovations. Planned reopening early APRIL

BUTCHER 508-255-2800

DELI, BAKERY, & CATERING 774-316-4127




Egg and cheese $3.95

Egg & Cheese with meat $5.95
Specialty Breakfast Sandwiches
Western: Ham, pepper, onion, cheese $5.95
Nauset Farms: Linguica & pepper jack cheese $5.95
Big Papi: Fresh made guacamole, a fried egg topped with pepperjack cheese and salsa served on a toasted portuguese english muffin $5.95

Bagel $1.29

Bagel with cream cheese $1.87

Muffins & Croissants $2.49


All sandwiches come with any fillings lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, hot pepper relish, roasted red peppers, mayo, yellow or deli mustard, honey mustard, Balsamic & oil.
Bacon $1.29 Cheese $.59

Nikki’s Delight: Nauset Farms chicken salad, genoa salami,cranberry sauce, muenster cheese on rye $7.99
Juban Cajun Turkey: Jalepenos, cole slaw, red onions,muenster on sourdough $7.99
Italian: Ham, pepperoni, capicolla, genoa, provolone , mortadella,lettuce, onions, pickles $7.99

Cape Codder: Grilled chicken breast w/ cranberry, muenster cheese and honey dijon mustard dressing $8.95
Gianna’s Hot & Spicy: Grilled chicken breast w/homemade blue cheese dressing, buffalo sauce,bacon and lettue on bulky roll or baguette $8.95
Southern Hospitality: Grilled chicken breast w/ jalapeno peppers, bacon, honey mustard and muenster cheese on sour dough $8.95
The Western: Roast beef, swiss, bbq sauce, and caramelized onions on baguette $8.95



Captain’s Club: turkey, mayo, bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato: $7.99

High Tide: Ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard: $7.99

Hampton: Roast Beef, boursin cheese, lettuce, tomato: $7.99

Reuben: Corned beef, Russian dressing, sauerkraut, swiss: $7.99

Gobbler: Cranberrysauce, stuffing, mayo, turkey, bulky roll: $7.99

Tuna salad sandwich:Lettuce,tomato:$6.99


Nauset Farms Chicken salad sandwich:Lettuce, tomato:$6.99

Rib Eye steak sandwich: topped with carmalized onions,on a ciabatta roll: $8.99

Nauset Farms Sausage pepper & onion sub: $7.99

Nauset Farms Burgers:Lettuce,tomato,onion: $6.99

ADD: Bacon $1.29 Cheese $.59

Meatball sub: topped with provolone:$7.99



FAMOUS Nauset Farms Chips $1.59