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SONY DSCAll of our platters are artfully prepared and presented on domed, reusable trays for you and your guests to enjoy!  Nauset Farms features our in-store specialties as well as McKenzie Deli meats and cheeses.  We also offer a vast selection of accompaniments and salads prepared fresh daily, as well as Craft Beers and Ales, Great Wines, Breads, Rolls and condiments.  Our in store Bakery is chock full of tempting and tantalizing desserts for all of your entertaining needs!




Crowd Pleaser Appetizers

Collosal  Shrimp Cocktail  Gently poached with our special seasonings, served with Nauset Farms own Zesty Coctail Sauce and garnished with Lemon Regular 2 lbs.(~30) $ 75.00 Large     3 lbs.(~40) $110.00

Nauset Farms Crab cakes  Our own special recipe, hand formed and ready to heat and serve.  Accompanied by our Chipotle Remoulade dipping sauce (1 dozen)  $ 29.99

Antipasto Platter  A selection of Italian Specialties including Prosciutto panino,  Soppressata,  Coppa Ham, Aged Provolone,  Citrus Marinated Olive Medley, Roasted Peppers and Artichoke Hearts Large   (15-20 people) $ 59.95

Seasonal Crudité    An Assortment of Fresh, Seasonal Vegetables accompanied by your choice of  dips Lemon, Onion and Dill – Tomato and Basil –  Garden Herbs – Roasted Pepper with Chive Regular (10-14 people) $  29.99 Large     (15-20 people) $  39.99

Fresh Fruit Display   Sliced Melons and Pineapple Garnished with Grapes, Berries, and Seasonal Features Regular (10-14 people) $39.99 Large     (15-20 people) $ 49.99

Cheese and Charcuterie

Domestic Cheese and Fruit     Cheddar, Swiss, Muenster, Herbed Goat Cheese, sliced and cubed. Displayed and     Garnished with Fresh Fruits  Regular (10-14) $  34.99 Large      (15-20) $  49.99

Imported Cheese and Fruit   A selection of European cheeses from France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, and England and others.  Offerings will vary by seasons but will include soft rind, firm cheeses, cow, sheep and goats milk Regular  (10-14) $ 44.99 Large      (15-20) $ 59.99

Artisanal Cheese Selection   A Variety of Hand Crafted Local and Regional Cheeses reflecting the Best of the Artistic Cheese Producers, each with a unique offering of their craftsmanship!  Accompanied by Dried Fruits and Nuts to compliment the character the cheeses.

Vary by Availability

Deli Classics Wraps & Sandwiches

Classic Deli Platter Oven Roasted Turkey, Deluxe Baked Ham, NF Roast Beef, American, Swiss and Cheddar cheeses

Regular (16-20 people)$ 64.99  | Large     (24-28 people)$ 84.99

1.5# Oven Gold Turkey 2 #Oven Gold Turkey, 1.5 # Deluxe Ham 2 # Deluxe Ham, 1.5 # Farms’ Roast Beef 2 # Farms’ Roast Beef

12 Slices American Cheese 16 Slices American Cheese

12 Slices Swiss Cheese 16 Slices Swiss Cheese

12 Slices Cheddar Cheese 16 Slices Cheddar Cheese

Italian Selection     Mortadella, Hot Capacolla, Genoa Salami,  Ham, and Picante Provolone Cheese

Regular (16-20 people) $ 54.99 Large     (24-28 people) $ 74.99

1.5  # Italian Spiced Ham 2      # Italian Spiced Ham               1     # Genoa Salami 1.5   # Genoa Salami

1     # Hot Capicolla 1.5   # Hot Capicolla

1     # Mortadella 1      # Mortadella

1     #  Picante Provolone 2      #  Picante Provolone

All Deli Platters are presented on a bed of Leaf Lettuce, garnished with Grape Tomatoes.  Prices do not include Condiments, Breads or Rolls.

Wrap  It Up ! An assortment of our “right” sized Pinwheel Wraps (Whole Wheat, Spinach, Tomato)

Oven Roasted Turkey, Deluxe Baked Ham and cheese, NF Roast Beef, Albacore Tuna Salad, “Famous” Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Vegetable with Hummus.  Each Wrap is cut into Thirds, mix and match!

Regular (30 piece)  $  79.99

Large     (45 piece)  $119.99

Sandwich Platter     An Array of Nauset Farms Fantastic Signature Sandwiches prepared on an assortment of Breads and Rolls- Captains Club, High Tide, Hampton, Gobbler, Arielle, Nikki’s Delight, Juban Cajun Turkey, Italian Sub

Regular (20 piece)  $   79.99

Large     (30 piece)  $ 119.99