Our Mascot

Lincoln, ceramic bull with flower, fruit and vegetable necklaceLincoln, the bull, was ‘born’ in 1990, by the work of many creative hands in an Orleans school’s art class.  He has majestically served as our mascot for years.  He’s the first thing you see at Nauset Farms and he welcomes each and every one of you, as only an affable bull can do. He really enjoys a party and helps us celebrate our events here at Nauset Farms. He loves a parade, too, and will see you on the 4th, riding in style.

Last year, he even celebrated the full moon at our “Jamaican Jerk” party in high stylin’ Rasta fashion.  If you missed it, you missed a doozy.

It’s Lincoln’s 24th birthday this year.  He’s put on a few pounds since those early years, but still enjoys being the center of attention.  Come celebrate and have your picture taken with him.