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Nauset Farms Deli & Sandwich Platters


All of our platters are artfully prepared and presented on domed, reusable trays for you and your guests to enjoy!  Nauset Farms features our in-store specialties as well as McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli meats and cheeses.                    We also offer a vast selection of accompaniments and salads prepared fresh daily, as well as Craft Beers and Ales, Great Wines, Breads, Rolls and condiments.  Our in store Bakery is chock full of tempting and tantalizing desserts for all of your entertaining needs!

Wrap  It Up !      An assortment of our “right” sized Pinwheel Wraps (Whole Wheat, Spinach, and Tomato)

Oven Roasted ABF Turkey, Natural Smoked Ham and Cheese, Nauset Farms Roast Beef, Albacore Tuna Salad, “Famous” Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Vegetable with Hummus.  Each Wrap is cut into Thirds, mix and match!

Regular (10 Guests)  $  99.99

Large     (15 Guests)  $139.99


Sandwich Platter     An Array of Nauset Farms Fantastic Signature Sandwiches prepared on an assortment of Rolls                            Captains Club, High Tide, Hampton, R.E.L, Nikki’s Delight, North End Italian Sub

Regular (10 Guests) $109.99

Large     (15 Guests) $149.99


Nauset Farms Lattice Potato Chips Made Daily with our special seasoning                                                                   $11.99 Bowl


Salads- Garden– Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrot, Red Onion and Pea Shoots- 2 Dressings            $24.99 Bowl

Caesar- Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Shredded Parmesan Cheese and Croutons – Classic Caesar Dressing  $25.99 Bowl


Composed Salads-Greek, Caprese, Dilled Red Potato, Traditional Macaroni, Farms’ Cole Slaw, Mediterranean Orzo, Power Slaw, Carbonara Pasta, Three Bean Kale and much more!                                                             $1.99- 2.49 per person

All Catering is Subject to a 18% administration

From Our Bakery

An assortment of Tantalizing Mini Desserts

Small            (25 + pieces)  $ 36.99

Medium       (40 + pieces)  $ 54.99

Large           (55 + pieces)  $ 69.99


Our Bakery Offers a Wide Array of Cookies, Brownies, Bars, Squares, Pies, Cakes and Much More!


Crowd Pleaser Platters


Colossal Shrimp Cocktail Gently poached with our special seasonings, served with Nauset Farms own Zesty Cocktail Sauce and garnished with Lemon                                                                                                         Regular (15 Guests)       $  99.00                                                                                                                                                                                   Large    (20 Guests)       $149.00


Fresh Fruit Display   Sliced Melons and Pineapple Garnished with Grapes, Berries, and Seasonal Features                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Regular (15 Guests)   $44.99                                                                                                                                                                                        Large (20-25 Guests)   $59.99

Traditional Lasagnas

Cheese Lasagna (serves 8-12) $55.00

Vegetable Lasagna (serves 8-12) $65.00

Bolognese Lasagna (serves 8-12) $70.00


QUICHE    (6-8 Guests)                                                                                                                        $21.99  each

  • Lorraine-Bacon, Onion, Gruyere
  • Broccoli, Ham, Cheddar
  • Caprese- Tomato, Eggplant, Basil, Mozzarella
  • Spinach, Mushroom, Goat Cheese
  • Asparagus, Roasted Pepper, Gouda
  • Various others available by request


Prices do not include 7% sales Tax . Pricing and Menu Subject to Change