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Nauset Farms Deli & Sandwich Platters


All of our platters are artfully prepared and presented on domed, reusable trays for you and your guests to enjoy!  Nauset Farms features our in-store specialties as well as McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli meats and cheeses.                    We also offer a vast selection of accompaniments and salads prepared fresh daily, as well as Craft Beers and Ales, Great Wines, Breads, Rolls and condiments.  Our in store Bakery is chock full of tempting and tantalizing desserts for all of your entertaining needs!

Classic Deli Platter Oven Roasted ABF Turkey, Uncured Smoked Ham, NF Roast Beef, Land O’ Lakes American, Cabot Cheddar and Swiss cheeses

Regular (15 Guests) $ 119.99                                                                                                                       Large (20-25 Guests)  $ 159.99

All Deli Platters are presented on a bed of Leaf Lettuce, garnished with Grape Tomatoes.  Prices do not include Condiments, Breads or Rolls.

Wrap  It Up !      An assortment of our “right” sized Pinwheel Wraps (Whole Wheat, Spinach, and Tomato)

Oven Roasted ABF Turkey, Natural Smoked Ham and Cheese, Nauset Farms Roast Beef, Albacore Tuna Salad, “Famous” Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Vegetable with Hummus.  Each Wrap is cut into Thirds, mix and match!

Regular (10 Guests)  $  99.99

Large     (15 Guests)  $139.99


Sandwich Platter     An Array of Nauset Farms Fantastic Signature Sandwiches prepared on an assortment of Rolls                            Captains Club, High Tide, Hampton, R.E.L, Nikki’s Delight, North End Italian Sub

Regular (10 Guests) $ 99.99

Large     (15 Guests)$139.99


Nauset Farms Lattice Potato Chips Made Daily with our special seasoning                                                                   $10.99 Bowl


Salads- Garden– Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrot, Red Onion and Pea Shoots- 2 Dressings            $24.99 Bowl

Caesar- Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Shredded Parmesan Cheese and Croutons – Classic Caesar Dressing  $25.99 Bowl


Composed Salads-Greek, Caprese, Dilled Red Potato, Traditional Macaroni, Farms’ Cole Slaw, Mediterranean Orzo, Power Slaw, Carbonara Pasta, Three Bean Kale and much more!                                                             $1.99- 2.49 per person

All Catering is Subject to a 18% administration

From Our Bakery

An assortment of Tantalizing Mini Desserts   Small            (25 + pieces)  $ 36.99

Medium       (40 + pieces)  $ 54.99

Large           (55 + pieces)  $ 69.99


Our Bakery Offers a Wide Array of Cookies, Brownies, Bars, Squares, Pies, Cakes and Much More!


Crowd Pleaser Platters


Colossal Shrimp Cocktail Gently poached with our special seasonings, served with Nauset Farms own Zesty Cocktail Sauce and garnished with Lemon                                                                                                         Regular (15 Guests)       $  99.00                                                                                                                                                                                   Large    (20 Guests)       $149.00

Antipasto Platter– A selection of Italian Specialties including Prosciutto di Parma, Creminelli Soppressata, Rosemarino Ham,  Aged Provolone,  Citrus Marinated Olive Medley, Roasted Peppers, Giardiniera  and Artichoke Hearts                                                                                                                                                                                                      Large   (20-25 Guests) $ 69.95

Seasonal Crudités    An Assortment of Fresh, Seasonal Vegetables accompanied by your choice of  dips                                 Lemon, Onion and Dill – Tomato and Basil –  Garden Herbs –  French Onion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Regular (15 Guests)    $39.99                                                                                                                                                                                        Large (20-25 Guests)    $49.99

Fresh Fruit Display   Sliced Melons and Pineapple Garnished with Grapes, Berries, and Seasonal Features                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Regular (15 Guests)   $44.99                                                                                                                                                                                        Large (20-25 Guests)   $59.99

Cheese and Charcuterie


Domestic Cheese and Fruit     Cheddar, Swiss, Muenster, Herbed Goat Cheese, sliced and cubed. Displayed and                                                 Garnished with Fresh Fruits.                                                                                                            Regular (15 Guests) $ 39.99                                                                                                                                                                                         Large (20-25 Guests) $ 49.99

International Cheese    A selection of European and Domestic Artisan Cheeses.  Offerings will vary by seasons and may include soft rind, firm cheeses, cow, sheep and goats milk. Displayed and Garnished with Fresh Fruits.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Regular (15 Guests) $ 54.99                                                                                                                                                                                         Large (20-25 Guests) $ 69.99

Artisanal Cheese with Charcuterie   A Variety of Hand Crafted Local and Regional Cheeses reflecting the Best craftsmanship of Artisan Producers, each with a unique offering!  Accompanied by Creminelli Artisanal Heritage Dried Sausages, Fresh and Dried Fruits, Nuts to compliment.                                                                                                                             $89.99

Mediterranean Mezze Platter                                                                                   A Bountiful Array of appetizing dips and spreads from the entire Mediterranean and North African Region!                                                                   Accompanied by Toasted Flatbread and Bagel Chips

Tomato-Almond Romesco Inspired by the classic Catalonian Romesco sauce—Tomato, Roasted Peppers, Marcona                   almonds, paprika, and garlic

Lebanese Tabbouleh is a simple salad of very finely chopped vegetables, lots of fresh parsley and bulgur wheat,                        all tossed with lemon and olive oil. 

Caponatini– A Sicilian Eggplant dish consisting of cooked, finely diced fried eggplant, celery and  capers seasoned with an                 Agrodolce vinaigrette

Moroccan Carrot Dip– Spicy, pungent harissa and briny olives balance the sweetness of puréed glazed carrots.

Dolmades- a Classic Greek Appetizer of Seasoned Rice Wrapped in Grape Leaves w/ Lemon-Yogurt-Mint Sauce

Hummus- Our own preparation of pureed Chic Peas, Tahini, Olive Oil, Lemon and Garlic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           25 Guests  $99.99

All Catering is Subject to a 18% administration

Traditional Lasagnas

Cheese Lasagna (serves 8-12) $50.00

Vegetable Lasagna (serves 8-12) $55.00

Bolognese Lasagna (serves 8-12) $65.00


Hors’ d’œuvrés

Tequila-Lime Shrimp                                                               $27.99 lb.

Beef Wellington Bites                                                              $22.99 dz.

Chicken Dijon en Croute                                                        $22.99 dz.

Shrimp Dumplings with Sweet Chili Glaze                            $16.99 dz.

Chicken or Pork Teriyaki Dumplings                                     $12.99 dz.

Chicken-Lemongrass Dumplings                                           $13.99 dz.

Spanakopita                                                                             $13.99 dz.

Scallops Wrapped in Maple Bacon                                         $ 24.99 dz.

Nauset Farms Crab Cakes Remoulade                                  $ 29.99 dz.

Falafel Nuggets w/ Cucumber-Dill Riata                                $15.99

Duck, Apricot Brandy Phyllo Purse                                        $26.99

Sesame or Coconut Chicken w/ Apricot Sauce                                $24.99

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Spears

Pretzel Wrapped Cocktail Franks w/ Pub Mustard                $13.99

Stuffed Mushrooms Spinach/Parmesan                                $ 26.99

Mini Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Drizzle                        $ 29.99

Turkey Tenderloin skewer Wrapped in Applewood Bacon, Sage Aioli   $24.99


All Catering is Subject to a 18% administration



Fresh Fruit Display   Sliced Melons and Pineapple Garnished with Grapes, Berries, and Seasonal Features

             Regular(15 Guest)$44.99                             Large (20-25 Guests)   $59.99



  • Assorted Mini Pastries- A Variety of Fresh Baked Croissants, Danish                                   $4.59/person
  • Mini Muffins- an array of our fresh baked Muffins and Nauset  Bombs                               $3.59/person
  • Tea Breads Assortment- Whipped Butter, Cream Cheese                                                                 $3.59/person
  • Assorted Junior Bagels- Whipped Butter, Cream Cheese                                                      $ 3.29/person
  • Our Fresh Baked Oversized Muffins                                                                                          $27.99/dozen


FRITTATAS (10 “ 12-18 guests)  Gluten Free                                                                                      $39.99  each

QUICHE    ( 6-8 Guests)                                                                                                                        $18.99  each

  • Lorraine- Bacon, Onion, Gruyere
  • Broccoli, Ham, Cheddar
  • Caprese- Tomato, Eggplant, Basil, Mozzarella
  • Spinach, Mushroom, Goat Cheese
  • Asparagus, Roasted Pepper, Gouda
  • Various others available by request



STRATA- A Savory Brioche Bread and Egg Pudding with your choice of Meat, Vegetables and Cheese

$55.99 (10-12 guests) $99.99 (20-25 guests)


  • Coffee Service, Decaf, Tea- assorted Sweeteners, Cream, Lemon                                       $2.59/person

Juices- Orange, Cranberry, Apple                                                                                          $2.79/person

Prices do not include 7% sales Tax or 18% administration fee. Pricing and Menu Subject to Change